UPDATE: Staffing Emergency

Hello, Chais & Shawna Meyer here, owners of Nest:Prep.

We’re writing today with some sad news…Nest:Prep is currently experiencing a staffing emergency and we will not be able to provide you with meals for a little bit. We very much apologize for this inconvenience!

If you ordered meals for the next few weeks, you should have already received options with how to move forward…if not, please feel free to contact us, via our contact form below.


More on our staffing emergency…

Unfortunately, our head chef is no longer able to work with Nest:Prep – her health is fine, for those that know her personally. This situation was unexpected. We wouldn’t have offered meals to be purchased for future weeks if we knew ahead of time…once again, we’re sorry for the hassle this may cause any of our wonderful customers!


Why not just have someone else cook?

This is definitely our plan, but we’re just not there yet. If you’re familiar with the small business World, you may know that the “first year of business” is where 90% of small businesses fail. For small businesses that close their doors during this first year timeframe, it’s usually because they have a lack of money (AKA. capital), as it takes A LOT to help a baby business get over unexpected hurdles. If money isn’t the culprit, it’s typically a lack of passion or staffing and/or partnership issues.

Shawna & I are no strangers to small business (on top of Nest:Prep, we currently own & run 24HourTees.net, NestSpace.co & BusinessIntegrations.net), and we definitely have the passion & the solid partnership on our side (as we’re a husband and wife team), now we just need to find the perfect staff that can work within our current budgetary constraints…as we have no intentions of closing Nest:Prep. We’re just getting started!


How will a situation like this be avoided ongoing?

This last year, as we’ve built Nest:Prep from scratch, we’ve operated with a single primary Chef, and we’ve done so quite successfully, despite COVID-19. We’ve created some amazing recipes with our tight constraints, of all meals being ‘gluten-free, dairy-free & plant-based.’ We’ve built a functional website that can help people order digitally and we’ve built automatic delivery routing software to help us deliver to customers without issues…all with three total staff members.

Ongoing, we need staffing redundancy (backups for each key role)… At minimum, we need two chefs that know the ins and the outs of all of our recipes & systems, so that if one chef has something come up, the other can step in.

This is our focus for the future.


What’s next for Nest:Prep?

Until further notice, or until we have additional chefs trained and ready for action, Nest:Prep is going to be put on pause.

Shawna & I have had our share of crazy life experiences this year, and even though we don’t understand why things happen the way they do (at the time they do), we’re confident that this situation will help Nest:Prep be better than it ever was before!

We have dreams of having Nest:Prep spread across the Midwest, positively impacting others with our tasty, healthy, locally fresh made, ready to heat & eat meals. We want to provide our ‘Nest:Prep system’ to local chefs across the country that want to create great food for others and want to make a positive impact in the World, without having to build a business from scratch themselves. We want the major repetitive tasks of this business to be automated, so that our team can focus on what they love to do and get paid well for doing it. We want to shake up what ‘convenient food’ looks like to the United States, with sustainability options (like our glass dishes), and a lack of unneeded food waste (we currently have less than 5% in food waste as we only cook what has been ordered, with appropriate portion sizes – compared to 40-55% food waste of most standard restaurants).

We are very confident about what Nest:Prep is going to become throughout its second year in business (as we’re just coming up on the end of our first year right now)! We hope that even though this situation is an inconvenience for you, that you’ll continue to support what this food service is all about in the months & years to come – YOU are the reason this service is possible in the first place, and we’re very grateful that your orders have helped us get to where we currently are!



If you happen to know good people that would like to be part of our Nest:Prep Team, we'd LOVE to meet them, feel free to have them apply by clicking this link – Or, you can send them here: “NestPrep.net/apply” 🙂


Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, 
-Chais, Shawna & Your Nest:Prep Team

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