Nest:Prep Hits Pause (Here’s Why):

Hey there, Chais & Shawna Meyer here.

We’re the founders of Nest:Prep (Gourmet Pre-Prepped Meals), Nest:Space (Premier Coworking), and 24 Hour Tees (Custom Printed Apparel & Accessories)…to name a few of the larger business projects we’ve taken on over the past 7 years.

Here's the Gist: We're writing today to let you know, that as of right now, Nest:Prep will be hitting the pause button on our pre-prepped meal service in Central Nebraska…


More About Shawna & I

There is something inside of Shawna & I that drives us to be constant creators. We create businesses & brands, wonderful experiences for our customers & fans, and a great work environment for our employees…at least these are our goals!

An irony of being a full time creator is, sometimes we create too much too fast and that can lead to an environment where the collective suffers. We LOVE leaving a positive impact on our community and beyond, but we often forget to ask ourselves, “why are we building and running this business?”

If we zoom out and look at our crazy lives, that includes running 3+ businesses, raising a young family (a 2 & 6 year old), sitting on local boards, and giving back whenever we’re able, we see how we’re spreading ourselves too thin…and our lack of available energy is starting to show in some areas of our life.

If we weigh each of our projects, by asking the following three things for each one, we can see which project may be causing issues:

  1. What does this provide to our internal team?
  2. What does this provide to our community & those we love
  3. What does this provide to us personally

After reviewing all of our core projects and responsibilities, we've identified that one of our biggest pain points in life right now is Nest:Prep…so we've decided to put it on pause for a bit…

Why We're Pausing Nest:Prep

Nest:Prep has been operating for over a year and even though we’ve developed an entirely new business model from scratch, we haven’t been giving it the love that it needs to flourish. In fact, with Nest:Prep we’ve been mediocre at best. Sure, we have cool communication automations, a great brand, an online ordering platform and we’ve built a custom system that helps us automate deliveries…BUT a baby ‘food related business,’ like Nest:Prep, requires full time love and attention (especially during pandemic times).

Right now, though, we just don’t have the energy, capital or time needed to make this baby business thrive.

With Nest:Prep, we end up spending our limited time available towards putting out fires as they come…and sometimes we can only hold them back, not truly extinguish them…which is creating burn out for all involved.

After contemplating and reviewing all that Nest:Prep is, we realize that our current phase of life is too much to give Nest:Prep what it needs.

Over the past 6 months we’ve seen our Nest:Prep customer orders slowly start to fade, we’ve seen our quality in customer support and food consistency vary. We know that Nest:Prep has the ability to change the World for the better, but not with its current trajectory.

Because of this, we owe it to our entire work team, our other businesses and ourselves, to press a hard ‘pause’ on Nest:Prep. We need to follow the momentum of life right now, and that means that our shared office coworking space (Nest:Space) and our online 24 Hour Tees apparel brand that will be launching on Amazon in November (Doodle Tees), needs our attention.

What's Next For Nest:Prep

We have no idea what the future of Nest:Prep looks like, but we know that we are unable to do it justice until we build and systemize our other projects first.

This semi-permanent pause will start this Sunday, 11/1/2020.

Even though it’s painful to type this out, as we don’t like to quit anything we’ve committed to in life, it’s also as if a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders.

We’re incredibly grateful for our customers and fans that have stuck by our side since day one, and you are the primary reasons we’ve tried to stretch this thing out and make it work…it’s just not sustainable anymore.

If you are a customer of Nest:Prep that happens to still have a store credit with us, please let us know. Once we verify your credit details, we’ll give you a full refund (or transfer your credits to one of our other businesses – your choice) for any remaining credit balance you may have.

Please understand, if or when we start Nest:Prep up again, it will be done so with a much higher level of dedication. The World still needs all that Nest:Prep will be, but 2020 just isn’t the year this is going to happen.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know and we’ll respond back to each of you as soon as we’re able!

Thanks so much,
Chais & Shawna Meyer

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  • Jolene
    Posted on October 31, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    We loved Nest Prep and only dropped out because we’d love to customize our orders. Cilantro: never. Lol. And to not have meals delivered that we previously didn’t like. We wanted to be able to choose or meals or build a bundle. Other than those two small things we absolutely loved it! Admire your honesty and your dedication to building businesses and hard work! We thought your customer service was top notch! Good luck!

  • Shana
    Posted on October 31, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    Will miss you and hope you can start up service again! It was such a wonderful service!


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