Want More
Time & Health
In Your Day?

Our Pre-Prepped Meal Service Can Help.

Every meal is handcrafted, restaurant-quality awesomeness.

Made With Love, By Local Chefs.

Beyond focusing on the health of our meals (which are 100% plant based, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, low sugar and no preservatives added), we also want each meal to taste like it came from a restaurant!

We've made this service to be convenient.

Free Delivery with 7 Servings.

Not only is delivery free when you order seven meals in a week, but we also deliver each of our meals in ‘zero waste' glass dishware! After you're done with your meals, we'll pick up your glassware, wash and sterilize them to keep our ‘dish waste footprint' at zero!

We're Gluten Free.

Each & every one of our meals is (and will always be) Gluten Free. One of the reasons Nest:Prep exists is to provide tasty & healthy food for those that have Gluten & Dairy Allergies…because this number is growing yearly.

We're Dairy Free.

Cows milk has it's place in our world, but unfortunately sometimes our guts don't respond well to it. This is why we're putting a focus on using plant based dairy alternatives in our foods (made from scratch).

We're 100% Plant Based.

Whether you're a big time meat eater or purely into plants, you'll appreciate our restaurant qualtiy recipes! We strive to use a diverse palette of textures, colors & flavors in every bite. Plants have never tasted so good!

We'll never spam. It's a promise.

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Whenever a new meal is added, a new week of food available for you to signup for or when we add a new city to our meal delivery routes, this is where you'll find out about this information first!